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Tips for staying safe during a flood

Did you know? Floods are among earth’s most common, and most destructive, natural hazards. Stay safe with these tips from SEi... Before a Flood If you know flooding will be imminent, construct barriers to stop floodwater from entering your home. Make sure to keep up with the weather on your
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Card Access: Why it is the Safest Option

Using a card access control system is the best way to keep your building secure. Traditional lock and keys or keypad locks are outdated and difficult to manage. Let's take a closer look at to why a card access control system would work best for your business: Traditional
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Home Safety Seasonal Checklist

Whether springing forward or falling back, Daylight Saving Time is the perfect opportunity for a home safety seasonal checkup. Here’s a quick checklist. Check and Replace Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors Change batteries twice a year. Replace smoke detectors every 10 years, and CO detectors every five years. Light Bulbs

Money Saving Hacks

Saving money is something most people want to do according to 2016 New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, most fail to do so effectively. Managing your money so that you don’t spend your entire paycheck seems easier said then done. Here are a few money management tips that will help

Central Station Monitoring

We offer a wide variety of systems to protect your premises day and night, including burglar and fire alarms, 24-hour monitoring services and much more.

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